Child Obesity Treatments

Whether your child has genes causing weight gain or he is obese simply from eating too much unhealthful food, lifestyle changes are key factors in long-term weight loss. This includes dietary improvements and increased physical activity.

In some cases, especially with young children, a child can “grow into” his weight by maintaining his weight as he grows taller. In older teenagers with a higher body mass index (BMI), weight loss might become a treatment goal, as the rate of growth slows.

Whatever the case, it’s important that your child’s goals are realistic. This might include a modest reduction in portion sizes, small but consistent improvements in the types of foods he eats, and adopting a more active lifestyle.

Depending on your child’s needs, a multi-specialty team consisting of a physician, a registered dietitian, a mental health professional and an exercise specialist may be helpful to develop a specific treatment plan that can include:

Nutrition Counseling

Healthy Diet & Nutrition

Increased Physical Activity

Self Care & Confidence Development